Monday, February 1, 2016

2016 Scholarship Application

Welcome scholarship applicants! 

This scholarship is for seniors graduating from Glen Ridge High School. The completed application with essay attached must be turned in to your guidance counselor no later than April 15, 2016. 

The application form is available at the Glen Ridge High School Guidance Office, or you can download a copy here.

Thomas Bowden graduated Glen Ridge High School with the Class of 1983. After he died, we received many cards and letters from people, describing how Tommy had touched their life. Some gestures were small things, like the way he befriended a new student. Other gestures were larger – but they all spoke of Tom’s kind and generous nature. 

Please refer to the articles here and write an essay describing how you – by your words or your actions – have quietly touched the lives of others, as Tommy did. The essay should be a minimum of one page, typed and double-spaced. 

Good luck!


  1. I am so proud of Tom's family for keeping his memory alive and trying to make some sense of his sensless death. xo

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