Awards from Prior Years

2005, Speech by Kathy Bowden. Award presented by Shielah Bowden

My brother, Tom Bowden, graduated from Glen Ridge High in 1983.  He was only one year younger than me, so I was fortunate to share 3 years of high school with him.  He was a friendly guy – the kind of guy who was popular because he was so nice you couldn’t not like him!  Tom was involved in various activities during his years here – baseball freshman year, track team junior and senior years, a little bit of AV club… and a whole lot of time with friends! 

If you had asked him back then, he probably would have told you that when he grew-up he wanted to be a sportswriter, or run a restaurant.  We were all surprised when he ended up with a career in Finance. 

Tom grew into a man I was always proud to call my brother - a man who knew how to live his life fully without sacrificing responsibility.  A man who felt it his quiet duty to help out where needed.  A man who surrounded himself with his friends and his family.  Tom married the woman he loved, and had 2 beautiful daughters, the youngest born in August 2001.

Tom was working for Cantor Fitzgerald, at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. 

I know that he would like us to focus more on the way he lived – full of joy and love - rather than the way he died.  So in the memory of that joy and love and sharing, I would like to introduce my mother, Shielah Bowden, who will present this year’s award.